Kunekune Lard Soap for Sale! Proceeds go Towards my USDA Youth Loan for Pigs

My next batches of soap are for sale. All of the money that I get will go towards paying off my yearly payment on my USDA loan. Here is an old post I wrote about getting the loan for pigs. These soaps are made from Lard that came from the pigs My Mom and I have raised.

My Mom and I learned some important parts of soap making during these batches. We learned how to swirl, layer colors and use a soap stamp. I also learned how to rebatch a soap that didn’t turn out so well, but I still don’t like it so we will just use that one around the house. We are going to try more interesting swirls and scents1 in the future.

There are six types of soaps for sale. There is Festivus (Christmas), Galaxy (Black Licorice), Nebula (Lavender and Vanilla) , Tomato Leaf (Tomato Leaf), Peach Pie (Peach) and Mint Chocolate (Peppermint and Chocolate). You can buy the soap Here from my Etsy shop.

I am very happy with how these batches of soaps came out.  My personal favorite is the Mint chocolate soap it smells amazing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.