Make Mine Meishan

In November, My Mom and I got our remaining two Meishan piglets for our herd. We’d been waiting for them to be born. We named them Shu Mai (Gilt) and General Tso (Boar).

In our Meishan herd we currently have two unrelated breeding pairs, We are breeding the USDA with the Iowa and Illinois lines for more genetic diversity. Shu mai (USDA), Moo Shu (Illinois-Iowa), Kung Pao(Iowa-Illinois) and General Tso (USDA).

Here is a link to an older post where I wrote about the History of the Meishan Breed.

Moo Shu is around a hundred thirty pounds and ready to be bred for Summer piglets. Meishans mature quickly and MooShu has gone through multiple heat cycles. She is going to be paired with General Tso who has been very sexually mature since nine weeks of age. Their piglets will be USDA-Iowa-Illinois piglets. It will be our first Meishan breeding at Corva Bella.

Shu Mai will be bred when she is older. She is still very small.

We also have a Meishan Barrow named Dim Sum, and he should be ready for processing in a couple months, I am very excited to try Meishan pork for the first time. I have heard and seen that it is more marbled than Kune pork.

Meishans are a very fast growing and maturing pig. General Tso is only three months old but he is ready to breed and is around the size of older Kune.

Moo Shu is my favorite Meishan we have. She has massive floppy ears the size of her head and is one of our most affectionate pigs. I can’t wait to see her first litter of piglets.

Quote from Ricardo Silvera of Gods Blessing Farm, founder of the American Meishan Breeders Association

(Corva Bella) is one of 5 farms currently that have all three research bloodlines in their herd. In addition you are only the second farm in North America that will be able to produce genetically diverse Meishan breeding pairs featuring all three bloodlines for your customers. You guys are truly on the leading edge of this incredible breed.

It is and amazing opportunity that My Mom and I have gotten. I am in love with this beautiful floppy eared breed of pig and can’t wait for what we will do in the future with it.