Solving our Water Problems with French Drains

There has always been a problem with water overflowing, over the pallet wall in the barn during a heavy rain. It runs through the barn and creates a little pond in front of our farrowing stalls. We finally figured out the best idea to fix this problem and it was the french drain.

The french drain, is a one or two foot deep trench that is filled with gravel and a long plastic pipe. The water runs down through the gravel and settles in the bottom of the trench. The holes on the bottom of the pipe will collect the water and then carry it to the end of the pipe.

The french drain may have been invented in France. but was popularized by Henry Flagg French. He was a lawyer and wrote a book in 1859 called Farm Drainage.

With only half of the drain done it did an amazing job in heavy rain. The barn would be a lake if not for the drain in the rain we had over the weekend. After getting gutters on the sides of the barn there will be little to no water problems in it.

I dug the french drain entirely by hand and shoveled and moved the gravel by hand. I still need to finish one more stretch of pipe then I am done. I think I have done a pretty good job and will create more drains for the gutters in front of our house.