Our Heritage Breed Blanc De Hotot Rabbit has Finally Given Birth!

Getting our two Blanc De Hotot does Adelaide and Antonia pregnant has been a long process of moving the buck in and out and waiting to see if he did his job. On our fourth try at the end of December he finally bred our two Does.

I wrote a post a while back explaining the History of the Blanc De Hotot Rabbit. If you want to know more about them here is a link to the post.

Adelaide had her babies today on January 26th. She started pulling her fur out earlier in the day and I was very happy to see her do it, it meant babies were on the way. Getting our does pregnant has been very hard and we were going to get them bred by someone else’s buck if they didn’t give birth.

We made a nesting box a couple days before so she could get used to it. We made it out of some of our scrap wood, but you can get one already made for different sized rabbits.

She has given birth to four babies, but one died. Blanc De Hotot rabbits usually have 4-6 babies in a litter. Adelaide hasn’t had any more babies in two hours since the original four. So we think she is done delivering.

This is our doe Adelaide’s first litter and our first on the farm. Our other doe, Antonia, should be having her babies in a couple days as we bred her after Adelaide. I hope she’s pregnant.

I think the babies look like baby rats. They will look super cute in a couple weeks but for now they don’t fit the adorable baby animal theme.

Adelaide’s nose is all bloody due to her cleaning her newly born babies.