Hog Butchering Class at Greenbrier Farms

A couple weeks ago, My Mom and I attended a hog butchering class at Greenbrier Farms. Everyone that was at the event split into groups of eight and processed half a hog under instructions from a very good chef. He also taught us all the different cuts of meat on the hog.

I was originally anxious of the event as I had never done something like it before. But by the end of the event I was very proud of myself being the only kid there and I enjoyed it. In the future if we ever process or need to process a pig we can do so as we have the knowledge to do so now.

This was my first time processing a large four legged animal. I have only processed chickens and quail before this.

After we finished processing the half hog we split the meat among all eight of us, and enjoyed a delicious meal that they made for us. I am very glad I went to the event as I learned a lot of skills I never knew before.

My Mom and I have only cooked the pork chops so far. I am more used to the meat from a lard pig but these chops were very good. The biggest part that was different to me was the size of the chops.