Moo Shus Very Special First Litter

Hello everyone, thank you for reading my newest blog post. I know I haven’t written in a long time. My Mom and I have been very busy in the past few months. I am going to start writing at least one post per week as the school year has started up again. Here is a post about Moo Shu’s first litter.

The litter is out of Gods Blessing Farm MooShu (Illinois/Iowa) and Gods Blessing Farm General Tso (USDA/USDA). This was our first litter of Meishans and was the first litter in the country to combine all three of the research herd lines.

MooShu was huge for last few weeks before her farrowing. She had us worried about her! At one point her belly was actually touching the ground it was so low. After having the piglets she bounced back. We got her back to a normal weight shortly after.

These babies were such a relief compared to the Kunekune piglets. Not only was Moo Shu an exceptional mother, The piglets quickly learned to leave Moo Shu alone while she was eating and to move quickly out of the way when she laid down. Those are some of my favorite things about the meishans. As we didn’t have to worry about them getting crushed so easily like the kunes.

Here are some pictures of the babies only a couple days old. It was surprising to see them up and moving outside at just a day old, usually the kunes would take a couple days.

Moo Shus farrowing night was on May 17 and it was a long one. She started building her nest in the middle of the night and decided to go with a more natural decoration so she pulled a forest of privet into the farrowing stall. She also broke out the farrowing gate twice for a midnight snack. She eventually settled down and had ten babies the next afternoon.

We honored General Tso the sire of this litter that sadly passed, by naming our pick of the litter boar General Tso Jr. We are also going to retain one or two gilts. We will name one of them Dim Sum after our first barrow.

Our next Meshian litter due October 17th will be our gilt Shu Mais first litter.