My Farming Experience

Four years ago I led a very different life from what I have now. I went to public school, played video games more than I spent time outside and we shopped at Whole Foods. We started a small container garden in our backyard and we started hiking a lot.

We eventually moved closer to the mountains, away from the city and started talking about having a small farm of some goats and chickens. When we started researching stuff for a farm we thought we were just going to have two or three Kunes and some chickens. Now we have seven KuneKune pigs, a litter of four piglets, three rabbits, fourteen evil guineas, four goats, thirty six quail, fifteen laying hens, ten bantams (Silkies/Cochins), two Meishans arriving on Thursday and twenty five lavender Ameraucanas. A lot more than we originally planned!

I can’t imagine life without farming now, it would seem so boring without. Caring and loving for a ton of animals everyday is a lot of work, but it feels amazing to do so. Farming has made me feel more useful in life. While before my biggest concern before was picking out gelato at Whole Foods, I now am keeping animals alive. I have learned a ton of new skills like how to build things, how to take care of animals, quick problem solving, business skills, how to run a farm and a lot more. Overall the best thing overall is piglets though. They are little balls of sunshine.

When I grow up am going to be a full time farmer. I will have my massive herd of Kunes and Meishans with no guineas.

My next blog post is going to be about planning the best breedings with our pigs.


Why I love Farming

Today I am going to write about why I love farming. For the past few years me and my Mom have always wanted to have a small farm with a couple chickens and maybe some livestock, I would never imagine we would have sixty chickens and five pigs with piglets on the way.

I have joined farming groups and it feels amazing to help the other people out. I also love the sense of community that there is, since in the past I haven’t really felt it that much.

Setting up the farm has been hard work but it feels really good to get a long days work done then be able to chill from then on. I love how my animals don’t judge me and they are usually always happy.

I am super happy we where able to start this as it is an amazing experience that is rare to get one like this.