The Great Adventure for Pigs

Friday Night we added three new pigs to our herd Hilda, Dante and Giuseppe, from Suwannee Valley KuneKunes. I am going to write about them and the experience.

The trip to pick up the pigs was a long and tiring experience. We ended up driving at night since the breeder was transporting pregnant sows. It was very hot out so she didn’t want them to overheat.  The trip was around three hours long, it felt even longer since the Ipod wouldn’t sync with the car, But we found a classic rock station luckily.

While on the road we kept trying to get in touch with the breeder, but we couldn’t cell connection. Around halfway there we finally got a call through to trade locations etc. We got to the meet up spot around twelve. I was ready to sleep for a long time.  Due to the the breeders trailer having problems we were able to sleep for around an hour and a half. We swiftly loaded up all the pigs and drove home. We got home and  unloaded the pigs at six AM then went to bed.

I absolutely love the pigs they are beautiful. So far Giuseppe is my favorite he is very nice.

Hilda is the ginger gilt, she is a Jenny/Andrew gilt.

Dante is the smaller black and cream boar, he is Mahia Love/Wilsons Gina.

Giuseppe is the bigger black and white boar, he is Tonganui/ Wilsons Gina.


The three pigs are named after my great grandma and grandpa Hilda and Dante, and Giuseppe my great great grandfather.

I am so happy to have registered stock. It has been my dream to have it. I can’t wait to watch these pigs grow up and have piglets.

I am very happy to have registered stock. Knowing I have a pure bred pig  and not just some back alley mix is cool.  Breeding and keeping them helps keep the breed alive. Once KuneKunes were endangered and now they are at a good place, I find this amazing.

Registrations are like a family tree they show the pigs:

  • Parents
  • Grandparents and Great Grandparents
  • Its Bloodlines
  • Registration number
  • Date of birth
  • Micro chip number
  • Sex
  • Wattle count
  • Color
  • DNA Case (A test that is done to make sure the pig is the offspring of who you say it is)

Here is a registration certificate for our sow Giovanna. It lists all the information about the pig. Having one of these when selling pigs proves that they are pure bred, along with the DNA test for any of it’s piglets.


Let me tell you how registered pigs are named. First you have the farm or herd name, Giovanna was born at Back Acres. When we register her piglets the registration will say Corva Bella farm. Trish is Giovanna’s bloodline. The number three next to Trish mean she was the third Trish sow registered at Back Acres. Giovanna is her given name which is what we call her.

There are two registries in the United States, the AKKPS (American KuneKune Pig Society) and AKPR (American KuneKune Pig Registry). Breeders can be members on one or both. We are members of both. Piglets can be registered with both.

Here is the registration for Giovanna with the AKPR. It isn’t updated yet so her name is different and we aren’t listed as the owners.