Cluck Cluck Chickens Inbound

Two weeks ago, a box arrived full of baby chickens. Early in the morning, my mom picked up the box at the post office and woke me up to see them. My first thought was, “how did they survive in a box?” Then how cute they are. They were super small and fuzzy. We got fifteen hens and one rooster. They are Barred Plymouth Rock which is a black and white looking breed and Easter Eggers which are tan and black and lay colored eggs.

We got a huge storage bin, a heat lamp, some wood chips, a board and a ladder to make the ultimate chicken nursery. We attached the heat lamp to the board that was held in place with the ladder and a drawer.

When we get our land all setup, and move in. We are going to put the chicken coop in a pasture area with the pigs, electrify the fence and add motion lights.

Chickens provide free eggs and who doesn’t want eggs?. Free range chicken eggs are better for you then store bought eggs. Chickens also eat bugs which will stop pests, they also stir up hay to look for bugs and eat pig poop to get seeds and grasses. In the spring we were cleaning up brush and got covered in ticks it is good chickens eat ticks.

I am very excited to start my farm and get my chickens on it.